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St Pierre Veterinary Hospital

Box 689, 29041 Hwy 59

St-Pierre-Jolys, MB, R0A 1V0

Vita Veterinary Clinic

Box 239, 8160 Road 39E

Vita, MB, R0A 2K0

Veterinary Services in St-Pierre-Jolys, Vita and in-between

At Graydon Veterinary Corporation we always prioritize pets. Our services are designed around the needs of your pet. For vet care anywhere in South Eastern Manitoba, animal owners turn to us. Contact us at the St Pierre Veterinary Hospital and the Vita Veterinary Clinic. We pride ourselves on both our knowledgeable animal care and our devoted service.


  • Heartworm prevention - We recommend a heartworm/Lyme screen every 2 years, or if a dose was missed during the season then we recommend a test before starting again in spring. Ideally, Heartworm prevention should be given from June – November every year.

  • Tick prevention - Recommended from April – November every year, ticks are active as long as it is above 0 degrees Celsius. There are multiple ways to give prevention, topical oil, 4 week or 12 week chewables. There is also a once-a-month combined chew with heartworm and tick preventative in one chew!


  • Rabies has been seen in the South East – rabies is incurable, and if your pet is infected, your family is at risk too.
  • Vaccinations are a critical part of preventative health for your pet. This helps ensure they are not at risk and prevent illness and the costs with it. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected.

What to Expect

When you contact our clinic, our seasoned team of veterinary professionals will greet you and get to know you and your animals - their breed, age, medical history, and any relevant medical complaints. Please let us know of any behaviour changes you may have noticed and any medical issues. We have a clean, technologically advanced facility that’s equipped for all of your vet care needs.


We can offer yearly checkups that include a physical examination, annual vaccines and preventatives. We’ll check your pet from the tip of their tail to the end of their snout and provide diagnostics for any possible conditions.

For more information about vet appointments and payments, contact Graydon Veterinary Corporation today.

A Healthy Pet Is a Happy Pet

Our aim is to ensure that your pet has access to the right care to stay healthy.
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Graydon Veterinary Corporation


St Pierre Veterinary Hospital

Box 689
29041 Hwy 59
St-Pierre-Jolys, MB

R0A 1V0


Phone: 204-433-7956


Vita Veterinary Clinic

Box 239
8160 Road 39E
Vita, MB
R0A 2K0



Phoe: 204-425-3264


Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
24-Hour Emergency On-Call Service 


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