St-Pierre-Jolys and Vita’s Experienced Livestock Veterinarians

The key to a productive farm is healthy animals. At Graydon Veterinary Services, we’re livestock veterinarians who can attend to your cattle, horses, sheep, goats and more. We have two rural Manitoba clinics: St Pierre Veterinary Hospital in St-Pierre-Jolys and Vita Veterinary Clinic in Vita.


We Can Visit Your Farm

We know that many farm animals are large and it’s not always convenient to bring them in to town – particularly if you have multiple animals that require attention. That’s why you can call us to attend to your livestock on your property. We offer deworming, vaccinations and general wellness checks at farms in the areas surrounding St-Pierre-Jolys and Vita.


Livestock Services: Castration, Pregnancy & More

As animal healthcare professionals in rural Manitoba, we’re experienced in the many veterinary services required in keeping livestock. This includes surgical castration of bulls and horses, pregnancy diagnosis in cows, wound repair, protocol development and more. If you have an animal suffering or in distress, we offer diagnostics to determine the source of the problem. If you have an animal showing signs of illness, we offer diagnostics to determine the source of the problem.

Whatever you farm animal needs, contact the livestock veterinarians at St Pierre Veterinary Hospital and Vita Veterinary Clinic for more information.

Pets and Livestock

Keep your farm animals strong and healthy and your family pets happy and comfortable.

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