What to Expect from Our Vet Care in St-Pierre-Jolys and Vita

For vet care in St-Pierre-Jolys and Vita, Manitoba, animal owners turn to Graydon Veterinary Services. We operate 2 clinics: St Pierre Veterinary Hospital and Vita Veterinary Clinic. We pride ourselves on both our knowledgeable animal care and our devoted service.

What to Expect

When you contact our clinic, our seasoned team of veterinary professionals will greet you and get to know you and your animals: their breed, age, medical history and any relevant medical complaints. Please let us know of any behaviour changes you may have noticed and any medical issues. We have a clean, technologically advanced facility that’s equipped for all of your vet care needs.

We can offer yearly checkups that include a physical examination, teeth and gum cleaning and more. We’ll check your pet from the tip of their tail to the end of their snout and provide diagnostics for any possible conditions.

Payment Options

In order to offer focused, high-quality vet services, we require payment when services are rendered. We offer a few payment options:

  1. We accept cash, interact, Visa and MasterCard.
  2. Monthly instalments via the CareCredit program. A 5-minute application can allow you to divide your payment into monthly installments. Apply at our hospital or online at www.Petcard.ca. It’s interest-free for 6 months and has no annual fee.
  3. Pet insurance can cover the payments for your animal’s healthcare needs. Please visit www.PetInsurance.com, www.24PetWatch.com/Canada, www.GoPetplan.ca, www.Petsecure.com and www.Trupanion.com/Canada for more information.

For more information about vet appointments and payment, contact Graydon Veterinary Services today.

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